Banner showing sailboats on Eastchester Bay

SOUL Sailing

Harlem Yacht Club has partnered with SOUL Sailing to offer private sailing lessons and courses for sailors of all experience levels. If you’ve never sailed, or it’s been a while and you just need a refresher, SOUL Sailing's experienced, USCG Licensed, and ASA Certified instructor is ready to get you on the water!

SOUL Sailing believes that anyone can learn to sail. By using small boats with a traditionally rigged set-up, students are exposed to basic concepts of sailing in a hands-on approach. Sailing is about feeling, understanding, and connecting with the environment around you. Their focus is on enjoying the water, but students are also exposed to the historically appropriate terminology. Students are encouraged to ask questions and learn by doing. They recognize that everyone learns at their own pace, and work to tailor the experience of sailing to the various levels of familiarity and comfort of their students.

If you are an HYC member, a sailing course is a great step towards taking your membership to the next level and enjoying the benefits of HYC’s Club Boat program. All HYC members receive discounted rates on lessons and courses.

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