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Twilight Series

The newest event on the HYC racing calendar is the Moon Over Harlem Twilight Series. Inaugurated in 2011, it's been a big hit ever since, so it's back again for 2017.

What we're trying to do here is just get some people out sailing on a Friday evening.  It's nice to win, but it's not all about winning.  It's mostly about having a good time on the water.  if you can go out and have a good time, and you happen to get around the racecourse faster than the other boats, that's an added bonus.  When the race is over, come back to the club and enjoy some live music, good food, and good company.  That's really what makes the event work.

The start and finish will be in Eastchester Bay, so you don't have very far to sail to get back to the club after finishing. Two divisions: both non-spinnaker. Short, simple courses. The idea is to spend a fun evening out on the water, then come back to the club in time for dinner and drinks.

You may be wondering if this is the right event for you.  If so, we've put together a little guide which might help you decide.

  • "I've got my protest flag on my backstay and I'm not afraid to use it": not your event
  • "I've never raced before, but I'd like to give it a try": your event
  • "If my crew messes up, I yell at them.  If they mess up again, I yell louder": not your event
  • "I race my boat hard on weekends, now I'm looking for a way to decompress with friends": your event
  • "My transom cleared your bow by six inches, that's plenty of room": not your event
  • "Sailing is just an excuse to drink beer": your event

Live music at the after race party (no cover charge).

This is a low-key event. It's not about winning at any cost, it's about getting your boat off the mooring and enjoying yourself at the start of a lazy summer weekend. Mark your calendars. It's not hard, just follow these simple directions:

  • Find the pages that say June, July, and August on them.
  • Find the column that says Friday on the top.
  • Circle the right dates.
  • Done.

Open to all PHRF-rated sailing yachts (you do not need to be a HYC member). Contact Jeep Califano ( for more information.

2017 Information

Notice of Race (63.3 KB)

Entry Form (174.7 KB)

Sailing Instructions (3.2 MB)

Scratch Sheet (July 14) (74.9 KB)

Results - Race 1 (44.3 KB)

Results - Race 2 (44.2 KB)

Results - Race 3 (43.9 KB)

Cumulative (49.2 KB)


Scratch Sheet (Updated July 22, 2016) (52.2 KB)

2016 Twilight Entry Form (82.0 KB)

Twilight 2016 Notice of Regatta (33.7 KB)

Twilight 2016 Sailing Instructions (39.3 KB)

EBYRA chart (18.7 MB)

Results - Race 1 (33.4 KB)

Results - Race 2 (52.4 KB)

Results - Race 3 (51.6 KB)

Results - Race 4 (51.7 KB)

Results - Race 5 (51.8 KB)

Results - Race 6 (51.8 KB)

Final Results (58.8 KB)

Photo Albums

Week 1

2015 Information

Amendments 1 & 2 to the Sailing Instructions (29.9 KB)

Entry Form (44.6 KB)

Notice of Race (40.0 KB)

Sailing Instructions (74.0 KB)

Scratch Sheet (updated 6/12) (34.0 KB)

Twilight Race 1 results (33.4 KB)

Twilight Race 2 results (33.2 KB)

Twilight Race 3 Results (33.8 KB)

Twilight Race 5 Results (33.3 KB)

Twilight Race 6 Results (31.6 KB)

Cumulative (race 6) (31.8 KB)

2014 Documents

Publicity Flyer (1.1 MB)

Entry Form (44.6 KB)

Notice of Race (39.9 KB)

Sailing Instructions (73.1 KB)

Sailing Instructions (amendment #1) (24.1 KB)

Scratch Sheet (updated 11 July) (32.1 KB)

Individual Race Results (1-6) (32.0 KB)

Overall Standings (races 1-6) (32.9 KB)

2013 Results

Race 1 Results (30.2 KB)

Race 2 Results (30.5 KB)

Race 3 Results (30.7 KB)

Race 4 Results (30.6 KB)

Race 5 Results (30.6 KB)

Race 6 Results (31.4 KB)

Cumulative results (final) (30.2 KB)

2012 Results

Race 1 results (revised Jun 28) (31.1 KB)

Race 2 results (31.1 KB)

Race 3 results (31.2 KB)

Race 4 results (30.5 KB)

Race 5 results (30.9 KB)

Race 6 results (31.2 KB)

Final results (29.4 KB)

2011 Results

Week 1, Spinnaker (50.8 KB)

Week 1, Non-Spinnaker (51.2 KB)

Week 2, Spinnaker (52.6 KB)

Week 2, Non-Spinnaker (51.8 KB)