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Treat Race

The Treat Race is the club's main racing event for most of our members. The race commemorates current member Mike Treat's father (Sidney C. Treat) and grandfather (Sidney J. Treat), both of whom were major figures in HYC racing history. If there's only one race you do this year, this should be the one.

The day starts with a skipper's meeting on the porch of the clubhouse.  This is mostly for people who don't do a lot of racing; we'll go over everything you need to know to compete in the race. What all the signals look and sound like, and what they mean. Where you need to go. When you need to be there. We'll also be collecting the entry fee from anybody who hasn't paid yet!

The start is usually around 1:00 PM. The sailing instructions will give the exact details (an it will be announced at the skipper's meeting). Depending on the wind, we'll be back at the club sometime by late afternoon. We'll present the results and there will be some snacks and refreshments on the deck. Trophies get handed out at GOC.

Finally, per long-standing HYC tradition, the evening of the Treat Race is Pasta Night at the restaurant, so plan to stay around for that.

Treat Race Documents 2018 - July 21

Notice of Race (114.4 KB)

Entry Form (92.6 KB)

Sailing Instructions (115.7 KB)

Race Chart (2.1 MB)

Treat Race - July 22, 2017

Entry Form (90.0 KB)

Notice of Race (63.2 KB)

Sailing Instructions (2.2 MB)

Results (TROPHIES) (40.6 KB)

Results (fun race) (40.3 KB)

Treat Race Documents 2016  (August 27)

Treat Race 2016 Notice of Regatta (43.6 KB)

Treat Race 2016 Entry Form (57.8 KB)

Treat Race 2016 Sailing Instructions (21.9 KB)

Results (32.6 KB)

Treat Race 2015 Documents 

2015 Treat Race Notice of Regatta (40.3 KB)

2015 Treat Race Sailing Instructions (60.2 KB)

EBYRA marks (18.7 MB)

Results (29.6 KB)

Treat Race 2013 Documents

Notice of Race (209.4 KB)

Sailing Instructions (49.8 KB)

Results (28.8 KB)

Treat Race 2014 Documents

2014 Treat Race Notice of Regatta (209.9 KB)

2014 Treat Race Sailing Instructions (49.8 KB)

EBYRA marks (6.9 MB)

Results (30.5 KB)

Treat Race 2012 Documents

Notice of Race (208.4 KB)

Sailing Instructions (54.5 KB)

Course Chart (3.0 MB)

Results (30.1 KB)

History of the Treat Race

Back when the clubhouse looked like this, the Treat family was racing out of the Harlem Yacht Club. The modern day Treat Race is a tribute to the historic contribution made by the Treat family and the Harlem Yacht Club to sailboat racing.

In its 1911 YRALIS Memorial Day regatta, HYC hosted a historic race – the first regatta of the Star class. A small fixed-keel sloop which became immensely popular in all parts of the world, in 1932 the Star was established as an Olympic class and is still raced there today.

East River Star Class charter document In the late 1930s HYC became instrumental in the founding of the Eastchester Bay Yacht Racing Association in order to foster the growth of small boat bay sailing. HYC Race Chairman Sidney J. Treat presided over its first race and for his efforts in promoting Star racing was also appointed Honorary and Life Commodore of the East River Star Fleet. The club boasted a fleet of 12 Stars, and several of the club’s racers were active Star competitors. Most notable among them were Mike Treat, a champion Long Island Sound racer, and Charlie “Buster” Ulmer, who represented the East River Star Fleet in the International Championships in both Lisbon and Havana.  “Buster” Ulmer later went on to found Ulmer Sails, now known as UK-Halsey Sailmakers.