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Howard C Hoxsie Regatta (2013)

Hoxsie 2013

The dates have been set for August 24 & 25 (see the J/24 Class Association calendar). We'll post entries as they come in.

Sail Boat Name Skipper Club
2523 Panic Attack Roy Smith Harlem
3342 Trinity Philip Swanton Harlem
5320 Jeepers Jeep Califano Harlem
4109  Blondie Leigh Mulroy City Island 
1131 Surcease II Kevin Sailor Harlem
4160  Heat Wave Alan Rosenbloom Harlem

If you're a skipper looking for crew, or crew looking for a boat to sail on, please use the fleet-61 mailing list.

Final Results

The final results of the 2013 Howard C. Hoxsie J/24 one-design regatta have been posted. Thank you to PRO Vicky Jo Neiner for an excellent job running the regatta in trying wind conditions. And, thank you also to Robin Ricca and Ricca Auto Body for their continuing sponsorship.

Saturday had the fleet racing in a steady 8-10 kt easterly for the first two races. The wind was slowly coming down in strength during the first two races, but was still respectable at the third start. Then things went to pot as the fleet approached the third mark, and crapped out entirely by the end of the last leg, leaving three boats stranded within yards of the finish line as the time limit expired.

The RC called off racing for the day and announced an earlier start for Sunday, hoping to get in a full schedule.

Sunday, however, proved to be even more challenging than Saturday. The RC started off with a postponement ashore. They headed out to the race course after about an hour under the AP as some zephyrs started to fill in.

We got in one good race in light but steady southeasterly. The second race started in similar conditions, but quickly turned into a free-for-all, with the wind going west, then north-west, then south, leaving the RC scrambling to move marks quickly to keep up with the direction changes.

A valiant attempt was made to get a third race off in a flukey westerly, but eventually the RC was forced to fly N over A and send everybody home.

Congratulations to Surcease on winning the regatta.  They jumped out to an early lead with two bullets on Saturday, and managed to hang on to edge out Trinity by one point.

Sail # Boat Skipper R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Total Place
`1131 Surcease Kevin Sailor 1 1 2 3 4 11 1
3342 Trinity Philip Swanton 3 4 1 1 3 12 2
5320 Jeepers Jeep Califano 5 3 3 2 1 14 3
4109 Blondie Leigh Mulroy 2 2 5 4 2 15 4
2523 Panic Attack  Roy Smith 6 5 5 5  26 5
4160  Heat Wave  Alan Rosenblum 4 6 DNC/7 DNC/7  29 

Regatta documents

Notice of Race (corrected) (100.4 KB)

Entry Form (87.8 KB)

Info for competitors (65.6 KB)

Mark location chart (3.0 MB)

Sailing Instructions (62.2 KB)

Thank you to Ricca Auto Body for their generous sponsorship.

Regatta History

The Howard C. Hoxsie trophy was deeded to the Harlem Yacht Club on May 25, 1938, "by members of the Harlem Yacht Club and The Island Canoe and Yacht Club to perpetuate the memory of Dr. Howard C. Hoxsie, a member of both clubs who did much to encourage racing of small yachts on Eastchester Bay".

The original deed of gift calls for the race to be held by, "Star Class yachts the owners of which are members of the clubs which form the Eastchester Bay Yacht Racing Association". The deed also allows that if, "there shall be less than five Star Class yachts to race for the trophy, the trustees may have it sailed for by any other one design class between fifteen and twenty-five feet over all length"

By 1993, the trophy had not awarded for many years, as the local Star fleet had long since faded away. Accordingly, on July 7 of that year, the deed of gift was amended to delete the requirement that owners be members of the clubs which form EBYRA, and the trophy rededicated to be raced in J-24 class yachts.

PS: We occasionally see people write the name as "Hoxie". The correct spelling is "Hoxsie", with an "s" after the "x".