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Ben Bates Shorthanded Series

For those of you who are weak on nautical terminology, a "hand" means a person. In the Ben Bates Regatta, shorthanded means double-handed: two people (even if they have four hands between them). To make matters even more complicated, by long standing HYC tradition, only humans count towards the crew limit. Dogs are welcome aboard and don't count against the quota. So you could have four paws and two hands on board and still qualify. Don't think about it too hard, just come on out and join the fun.

Round up some crew, and email to let us know who is racing.

Ben Bates Regatta 2018 - July 14

Entry Form (80.8 KB)

Sailing Instructions (156.2 KB)

Notice of Race (28.3 KB)

HYC Race Chart (2.1 MB)

Ben Bates Regatta 2017 - July 15

Entry Form (67.5 KB)

Sailing Instructions (2.2 MB)

Notice of Race (62.8 KB)

Results (41.6 KB)

Ben Bates Regatta 2016 - June 25

Amendment 1 (NOR and SI) (20.2 KB)

Ben Bates 2016 Notice of Race (63.1 KB)

Ben Bates Entry Form2016 (46.4 KB)

Ben Bates 2016 Sailing Instructions (68.6 KB)

EBYRA chart (18.7 MB)

Results - Race 1 (29.7 KB)

Results - Race 2 (29.7 KB)

Results - Race 3 (29.6 KB)

Results -overall (43.8 KB)

Race Documents - 2015

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Results - Ben Bates 2015 (42.1 KB)

2014 Results