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The Harlem Yacht Club has four classes of membership: active, intermediate, associate, and social.  All classes, except for social, is available as either an individual membership, or as a family membership shared by a couple. We also offer a summer affiliate program for people who want to try the club out before deciding to join.

Come Sail with Us!

If you're interested in joining the Harlem Yacht Club, please contact our membership chairman, Anthony Rosco, at He'll be glad to show you around and discuss all that the club has to offer.

One of the wonderful things about the club is the unique sense of belonging. The range of members, from all backgrounds come together like a big family. Advice on racing, maintenance, sailing, power boating, fishing, dancing, you name it, is shared with enthusiasm at the tables in the dining room or at the bar in the twilight of the day. As you sit there enjoying your favorite libation, you watch the sun set over Eastchester Bay. The twinkling lights, glimmering like jewels, come shimmering across the water from the New York City skyscrapers. To your left the beautiful arcs of light follow the graceful path of the suspension bridges at Throgs Neck and Whitestone.

How about enjoying them from the water? Because of the city lights at night, it never gets terribly dark and many of our members will take their boats out for an evening cruise after work. Our Launch service runs until after midnight on weekends, so you can come home late and still get a ride to the dock.

Active Member

The Active member is a boat owner with full privileges of the club including full voting rights on all issues. The By-Laws of the Harlem Yacht Club very clearly put the seat of power with the members. The Board of Trustees exists at the Harlem Yacht Club for the purpose of leadership and guidance, but no charges can be assessed to the members, no serious action taken, no major decisions or changes made without the membership's voting to approve it.

This is a very important part of the club. It means that every member has a responsibility to keep involved in club activities, events and decisions, for they will have to vote on them. It's a charge that our members take seriously and that is what engenders a love of HYC.

The active member also has full use of all club facilities including the clubhouse, grounds, and marine facilities. The active member is permitted to moor his/her vessel in HYC's special anchorage, the well protected end of Eastchester Bay., and has full use of the club's launch service which patrols the fleet at night as an added measure of security.

Intermediate Member

Intermediate members are entitled to participate in the social events of the club, have use of the club grounds and limited use of the marine facilities, including use of the Club Boat program. Intermediate members may also keep a "dock-sailed boat" at the club but may not keep a boat in the club's mooring field.  Intermediate members may own boats that are berthed at marinas or other clubs.  An Intermediate member is enttled to reciprocity with other clubs and may participate in all social activities.  An Intermediate member does not have a vote.

Social Member

Social membership is designed for people who do not own a boat and only want to participate in the club's social activities and make use of the bar and restaurant.

Summer Affiliate Program

Harlem Yacht Club's Summer Affiliate Program is offered for the summer  season. It's a way for the prospective member to find out if a yacht club is right for them. For $900 (plus tax) the affiliate is able to use all the facilities of the club. Included in that $900 is the loan of a proper mooring for your vessel, full use of the club's launch service, use of the club's restaurant and bar and an open invitation to attend all the club's social functions.

The affiliate program was developed as a vehicle for the club to invite the prospective member to "try us out". We feel that with its rich historical heritage, the Harlem Yacht Club has so much to offer that a summer spent sailing, cruising, and having fun with our members, is the best way to show it.  The program runs from April 15th until August 15th.

If, after a summer of enjoying the fellowship and good company that is found at HYC you find that it's the right place for you, then simply request that your membership status be changed to Active. It's hard to define what's kept this club going for over one hundred and thirty five years, but once you spend some time here, we think you'll understand.