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Member Blogs

Several of our members, past members, and friends have gone cruising and are keeping us up on their adventures by writing their own blogs.  We invite you to lick on these links and follow their journeys with us.

Ilene The Boat

HYC Fleet Captain Roger Karlebach and his wife Ilene report in from Ilene The Boat.  Wrote Roger, as he started his blog in October 2010: This blog is intended to chronicle our planned voyage to and in the Caribbean, now scheduled to commence on Thursday, October 21, and end in late May. I will share our plans, though I have recently learned, the hard way (running the boat onto rocks is the hard way) that the most dangerous item to carry on a sailboat is a fixed schedule.

Roger and Ilene are currently splitting their time between cruising Down East and spending time back at their home in New York City.

Phat Cat

Follow former HYC members Dave and Di Eldridge through the Erie Canal, to Canada, and beyond.  Their cruising blog is at

Summer Wind

Summer Wind

HYC PC Dick Lassman and his wife (and first mate) Elle have been on an extended cruise aboard their Heritage East 36 Trawler, Summer Wind.  Dick has almost 30 years experience on the water, 23 in sailboats and the past 6 in motor.  During that time, they have cruised extensively up and down the east coast of the US, and are planning a great loop Follow their adventures on their blog,

Thai Hot

HYC PC Bob Fleno and his wife Laura cruised The Islands last year on their Island Packet 40, Thai Hot.


In 1999, Katherine and HYC PC Craig Briggs "sold up" to go cruising aboard their 46' Amel Santorin ketch "SANGARIS" and since then have sailed some 25,000 miles. Leaving Florida they headed south to the Caribbean, then west along the "Spanish Main" coast of South America to Colombia and Panama. Through the Panama Canal and down to Ecuador, then out to the Galapagos, they then turned north to Baja Mexico. After a couple of years there, they headed back to the Caribbean and completed a circumnavigation of that Sea. Then came a season up and down the east coast of the US and, in 2004, a TransAtlantic passage from Florida to Ireland by way of Bermuda and the Azores. Thence two years in northern Europe and Scandinavia followed by a leisurely trek south along France, Portugal and Spain's Atlantic coasts. 2007 found them entering the Med where they continue today, with 2011 finding them in Greece's Aegean Islands and Turkey's Carian Coast.

Travel along with them via the "Slog" at

S/V Ramshackle

Part owner of Trinity, Sacha Stanton, is working his way around the North Atlantic in a Rawson 30.  Follow their adventures at