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The Log


Over the years, The Log has been HYC's way of keeping its members informed and entertained.  When you've been around as long as we have, you need to expect that even long-standing traditions will evolve to keep up with the times.  Mimeograph gave way to photocopies, which gave way to PDFs posted on our web site.  Now, we've got Logs and (b)Logs.  Check out the HYC (b)log at  And here is the current printed Log:

July 2017 (2.2 MB)

April 2017 (1.6 MB)

January-March 2017 (1.8 MB)

December 2016 LOG (1.5 MB)

July-Aug-Sept 2016 LOG (1.7 MB)

May-June 2016 LG (1.7 MB)

March-April 2016 LOG (1.6 MB)

Jan-Feb 2016 LOG (1.6 MB)