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The Harlem Yacht Club maintains a locker house with about 190 lockers of varying sizes. The Club has about 165 of these lockers available to be rented to HYC Club members.

Active members have priority for locker rentals. After all requests from Active members have been satisfied, any remaining lockers will be rented on a first-come, first-served basis to other members.  Non-Active HYC members who are using lockers may be required to vacate their lockers if an Active member requests a locker and none are available.

Locker sizes and rental rates are as follows:

  • First floor - SMALL locker; about 3 ft. wide by 1.5 ft. deep: $65 per year.
  • First floor - LARGE locker; about 3 ft. wide by 3 ft. deep:  $100 per year.
  • Second floor – X-Large locker; about 3 ft. wide by 6 ft. deep, sloping from full ceiling height at the front to floor-level in the rear:  $130 per year.
  • Ladies' room – Clothes locker; in the Ladies Room of the locker house. Suitable for storing a change of clothing or small personal items. $25 per year.

Locker house rules

  • Members must supply their own lock. You assume all responsibility for loss or damage to any property stored in the locker.
  • All stored items must be in your locker. No items may be stored in the passage ways or common areas.
  • Certain areas of the locker house are designated by the club to store club property. No personal property may be stored in these areas.
  • All applicable fire codes must be complied with. Individual members will be responsible for any fines levied against the club for violations.
  • Storage of volatile or flammable liquids or gasses is prohibited.
  • Running of electrical cords into lockers is prohibited.
  • Lockers are subject to inspection to verify compliance with safety regulations upon demand of the Grounds & Locker Chairman. If, upon reasonable notice, a member does not make his or her locker available for inspection, the lock will be cut and the member evicted from the locker.
  • Empty lockers may not be “claimed” by members. They must be assigned by the Grounds & Locker Chairman. Any lockers which have not been assigned and are found with a lock on them will have the lock cut off and the contents discarded.