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2013 Field Report

July 20 (Day 1)

Hi all,

Leeds the Way led the way to Norwalk with good winds, and calm seas, arriving earlier than expected. Into the Mystic was not far behind.

We partied a bit aboard Into the Mystic as Captain Walt had Sangria brewing all day for us to imbibe. Tia & Lloyd showed up to welcome us to Norwalk, their hometown. They came on foot as they live a stones's throw away and we got to meet Eddie, their Portuguese Water Dog who is a love. We wre invited to their apartment for breakfast the next day.

We went to the Sunset Grille for a lovely outdoor meal overlooking a wonderful sunset and several megayachts.  We had many laughs as we concocted stories about the megayachts.  Once we returned to our boats the Moon tide had come up so high that we had we waddle through the water up to our calves to get to our dock. Our first HYC Cruise adventure.

Stayed tuned for more adventures to come.

Best wishes,

July 21 (Day 2)

Hi HYCer's, 

So, Tia & LLoyd had us over for breakfast this morning with eggs any style, including huervos rancheros. They were unbelievable hosts in their beautiful apartment.

Into the Mystic had to shove off, but Leeds the Way was around awaiting more fellow HYCer's. In the interim we were invited for a sail on Grace. It was an amazing sail on a Nunsuch, which had never been. Lloyd is hoping to join us in Huntington and maybe even Port Jeff.

Tively II arrived and we had a splendid dinner across the bridge at SONO Seafood. Tomorrow we head for Stratford, and look forward to being at Brewer's.  So far the trip has been wonderful, just wish more of you were with us. 

All my best, 

Marcia Leeds 

HYC Fleet Captain 

July 22 (Day 3)

Ahoy Maties.

We were rockin' & a rolling' for a long while today, but Leeds the Way handled it like a champ.  Mary Jo & Dan on Tively II wore me out with their story.  Long story short it was a tough day on the High Seas, but they made it finally for them!  Tively II took a bigger hit as they came in several hours later, and hit even more bad seas.

All is well that ends well! We had a wonderful night together BBQ'ing, laughing and telling more old stories than I wished to remember.  Brewers provided us with a tent in spite of the rain which made for a protected evening. Tively II is planning to spend a second night due to poor weather conditions. Leeds the Way is reevaluating as well. Both decisions will be made tomorrow mourning, hopefully over coffee.

I guess today was adventure #2 across the mean seas!

Love and miss you ya' all,


July 23 (Day 4)

Hello from Leeds the Way,

Tively II decided to spend a second night at Stratford, and are planning to head for home tomorrow. Yesterday's trip did them in, but they hope to join us again in Huntington.

So... Leeds the Way was on her own today. We explored and considered the weather conditions ad nauseum until we finally decided to continue our journey as planned.

Well, as luck would have it, today was the best conditions so far. The skies were blue as blue could be, the wind although light was with us, and once the tides were in our favor we were able to turn off the engine and finally SAIL.

It was glorious! We arrived today @ Guilford Yacht Club which has much to offer. We biked to town, the beach, and ultimately had a lovely romantic dinner for two at the Stone House, after a brief shower with thunder and lightening which seems to have cooled things off, thank goodness!

We are sad to be alone, and miss our HYC cruisers.  However, tomorrow we will meet up with Blast in Old Saybrook and hopefully from there will gather more fellow HYCers as we get to Mystic & Stonington & then Watch Hill, before we begin to cross the Sound to Northern LI.

So far, many have said that they plan to meet up along the second part of our cruise. It would help me a lot if you could let me know your plans and where you have made your reservations.

Let's stay in touch!

All my Best,

Marcia Leeds 

HYC Fleet Captain

July 24 (Day 5)

Good tidings,

Leeds the Way left Guilford this morning. The winds were light , but trying to be optimistic, we raised the jib. It helped us a bit, but progress was slow. We motor-sailed to Old Saybrook without incident and enjoyed our lunch along the way. We arrived in good time to Old Saybrook, and Blast was here with Captain Camille aboard with grandson Jake. Ernie had taken the train to NY to work on his re-election campaign.  He is due back tomorrow morning for their voyage to Mystic. Camille's daughter brought lobster dinners for them, and they had a wonderful evening together. Leeds the Way went to dinner at the Saybrook Inn next door where there was a lovely duo playing all of our favorite tunes. The scenery was just lovely. The meal was great, the ambiance top notch and now we getting ready for our trip to Mystic tomorrow morning. Wish we had the time to use the spa at the Inn. What a lovely place!

Heard from Tively II that are enjoying Stratford so much they signed on for a 3rd night. Trying to convince them to rejoin us at some point.

That's it for now. We are having fun, but missing our fellow HYCers.

Marcia Leeds

HYC Fleet Captain

July 25 (Day 6)

Hi all,

Today was rough, but not terrible. There was a lot of rain, but the seas were not too bad. We had the headsail up, which helped a lot. We decided not to put up the mainsail as it was too windy.

It was the opposite of a few days ago when it was unbearably hot.  Today was so very cold that I had to make some soup. Thank goodness for the gimbaled stove. It warmed our insides, and gave us the strength to go on.  We arrived in Mystic in good time even though we fought the tides. The first half hour we had the most rain, but then all was good except for the cold.

The Odiernas decided to stay another night in Saybrook, so we expect to meet together tomorrow. Leeds the Way was on their own again tonight. That makes 3 romantic evenings in a row. Having been married for 39 years, please give an old couple a break!

I am expecting and hopeful that many cruisers will be joining us for the second leg. If all who promised attend, we could be as many as 10 boats in Huntington. Please make sure to make your reservations and cancel if you cannot make it.

We had expected to meet up with PC Tom Lane who invited us to his home on Mason Island, but as luck would have it, he & Gail are leaving early tomorrow for HYC.  Oh well, please welcome him at HYC. He was a wonderful Commodore I am told.

Best wishes,


HYC Fleet Captain

July 26 (Day 7)

Ahoy Maties,

Blast arrived today to Mystic and it suddenly feels like a Club cruise. We schmoozed during their lunch for a while. Grandson Jake is aboard and the amount of food he can consume is unbelievable. Skinny as a rail, but a human vacuum cleaner. He is a joy and delight and since we do not have to feed him, it is Grandpa Ernie's problem.

Blast was reluctant to leave Saybrook today with the stormy weather. They reported that the first 45 minutes were choppy but not terrible and the rest of the trip was pretty calm seas. They arrived in good time, although fighting the tides early on.

Leeds the Way was finally able to sleep in, YEAH, since we had nowhere to be but here, and the rain continued from last night to the morning. The weather would not keep us down, so we set out for a bike ride just before noon. Went to the Village Shops, had a lovely lunch @ the Steak Loft and then back to Brewer's after provisioning up. Then it was time for hot tubbing which helped our weary muscles from the bike ride.

All in all a great day despite the on again, off again rain.  Tomorrow we head to Stonington, only a stones through away, where we will meet up with Adagio.  We will be staying at the Stonington Yacht Club and having dinner there tomorrow evening. I only hope that I have the right clothes, so they don't throw me out. Just kidding!

Anyway, I am getting excited about joining other members along our voyage. Wish you were here,


July 27 (Day 8)

Hello from Stonington,

Leeds the Way finally left Mystic after the manager at Brewer's gave us a temporary fix for the head. We need to get new hoses and some kind of switch when we get to a marina that has repair services.

As we motored out of Mystic Harbor into Noank, we could not resist stopping at our favorite Abbott's Lobster in the Rough. YUM! Once out of the harbor we were able to sail all the way to Stonington. It was picturesque as our sails were full and the sun was shining.

We met up with Blast and Adagio and then Sunrise arrived. Blast added another crew, grandson Michael. Jake & Michael went for a swim off Blast.  We were 11 for dinner at the Stonington Yacht Club. Now that really felt like a HYC Club Cruise. The meal was great and the camaraderie even better.  Unfortunately Adagio's water pump went, so has to stay in Stonington until it can be repaired. He was heading to Martha's Vineyard with his crew.

Today we head for Watch Hill where we will meet up with Cameo and have a potluck dinner aboard Blast. I may not have wi-fi service there in which case I'll write again from Shelter Island.

Marcia Leeds 

HYC Fleet Captain

July 28 (Day 9)

Ahoy Maties,

Blast & Leeds the Way arrived to WatchHill without incident. It was a short pleasant motor ride. Cameo was awaiting our arrival as they anchored the night before by 5pm after a 22 hour ride. Ev used their handheld GPS as her clock, only it was wrong by 4 hours, so when we arrived @ 11am she thought it was only 7am. They came aboard to welcome us around noon and when we offered Charlie a beer, he said it is a bit early in the day. When we told him it was after noon, we all laughed and he said, in that case I will have a beer.

Cameo & Leeds the Way dinked over to shore. Leeds the Way had some wonderful RI chowder for lunch, and made several purchases in the shops. Jake & Michael on Blast had fun in the sun. They dinked to the beach and swam in the ocean.

In the evening we had a BLAST on Blast with a pot luck dinner to feed a kingdom. The options ranged from swedish meatballs to pulled beef and veal parmagian w/ spaghetti. We talked so long that Captain Ernie had to gently remind us they needed to go to bed. Oops! Perhaps we overstayed our welcome.

Today Leeds the Way will venture across the Sound to Shelter Island. Blast will go forward as well, but Cameo is staying another night in Watch Hill and may join us in Shelter tomorrow. Sunrise went to three Mile Island but plans to meet us @ Coecle's.

Marcia Leeds

HYC Fleet Captain

July 29 (Day 10)

Hi all, 

Finally got some internet service after a long hiatus. Leeds the Way & Blast left Watch Hill this morning. Cameo decided to spend another night and we are expecting them at Shelter Island tomorrow. It was great to return to our home waters today of New York. This marks the second leg of our journey as we begin our trip home to HYC. Being a LI girl, I love this Island.

The trip across the Race was calm, and as the tides improved in our favor we were able to cross at an average of 6 knots. We had a brief sun shower as we crossed, but all in all it was a fine trip. The winds picked up for a while so we raise both sails and heard the greatest sound of all; no engine! It was just us and mother nature for the next hour until we reached the entrance to Coecles Harbor. It was glorious. Blast arrived shortly after and the Sunrise. Sunrise had detoured to Three Mile Island after Stonington and said it was a beautiful place.

Jake & Michael went kayacking and swimming in the pool. 

We made dinner plans @ Bob's Fish Restaurant. Unfortunately, Blast's outboard would not work so Lags Behind(Leeds the Way's dinghy) towed them in until Lags Behind's enginge stopped and both boats had to row ashore. Rubadub(dinghy for Sunrise towed each of the other two back to their boats and everyone is safe and sound on their respective boats.

On a not so good note, Adagio is stuck in Noank trying to get the water pump repaired. Looks like they may be stuck there until Wednesday. So sad! They canceled the trip to the Vineyard. Gotta go as I am about to lose power. I'll try to update you again tomorrow. 

Marcia Leeds 

HYC Fleet Captain 

July 30 (Day 11)

Hello again from Shelter Island,

The weather could not have been better today. The skies were blue as blue could be, the humidity low, and the sun shone bright all day long.  I am happy to report that all three dinghies are working now.

Sunrise went for a bike ride to Silver beach and had a wonderful afternoon.  The crew of Blast went kayaking, and then spent fun time in the pool playing catch. Grandma & Grandpa lounged by the pool as well.  Leeds the Way went for a bike ride to town, had a lovely lunch at The Dory waterside, and then biked to Hay Beach where they waded in Peconic Bay.

Blast decided to have dinner aboard b/c grandma Camille planned a delicious pasta dinner for her crew.  Sunrise & Leeds the Way went to a wonderful local restaurant called Sweet Tomato. After dinner we taxied to Whale's Tale for ice cream and strolled back to Coecle's Marina in the moonlit night.

It was a superb day for all!

Happy Boating to all,

Marcia Leeds

HYC Fleet Captain

July 31 (Day 12)

Hi HyCers,

It has been a glorious day. Leeds the Way, Sunrise & Blast met up at Plum Gut to await the tide. Sunrise & Leeds the Way wanted to cross at around 12:30pm based on our nautical predictions. We timed it well, and we were in and out within a half hour or so under motor sail although we looked so good we took photos (the motor part is our secret!). The wind was lighter than we would have liked, and about 30 degrees off for a perfect sail.  Nonetheless, we had a fun motorsail and arrived to Mattituck in good time.

When we arrived Cameo was anchored as well, so that we were 5 HYC boats.  Northstar hosted a wonderful BBQ. Dessert was smores which I had not had since I was a girl scout, many moons ago. It was a fabulous time had by all: Northstar, Leeds the Way, Sunrise, Blast, & Cameo.

First and foremost I want to let you know that we have 10 and maybe 11 boats confirmed for Huntington YC.  We have 22 confirmed for dinner @ the Huntington Yacht Club for Sat. 8/3.  Thank you guys! It should be a great Grand Finale!  In all, we will have had 13 boats on this 2013 Cruise if all come to Huntington.

Looking forward to sharing the last of the best with ya' all at Huntington Yacht Club on 8/3, the eve of our 39th Wedding Anniversary which is 8/4/74.

Happy Boating to all.

Marcia Leeds 

HYC Fleet Captain

August 1 (Day 13)

Hi my fellow HYCers,

Today is filled with good news and some less good news (only weather related).

Northstar stayed a 2nd night in Mattituck, not weather related, but had planned in their itinerary.  Leeds the Way, Cameo & Blast set sail for Port Jeff. Sunrise set sail for Mt. Sinai  The sun was shining, the winds were strong. Sunrise headed for Mt. Sinai under sail, when last we saw them.

Cameo & Leeds the Way were under full sail for almost the whole trip to Port Jeff. However an hour out the skies opened up, the wind died, and Leeds the Way motored sailed the rest of the way. Cameo continued under sail but the auto helm was problematic which slowed them down. We all arrived safe and within close proximity. Into the Mystic was due to join us but she canceled due to the bad weather west of Port Jeff. Probably a good decision!

Cameo went ashore for dinner to a local Japanese restaurant and had a great meal.  Blast & Leeds the Way went to the Steamroom. It was 2 lobsters for the price of one night, so Ernie had ... you guessed it 2 lobsters. I had the Paella which was wonderful and very plentiful.  Leeds the Way had plans to go to hear a Reggae band after dinner only to find out that it was canceled due to the weather. So off for ice cream we went where we meet up with Blast once again and returned on the launch together.

Memories Forgotten:

1) Forgot to inform all that Adagio was repaired and set sail for Greenport on Wednesday. Have not heard from them since, but they were happy to leave Noank after being towed there for the repair.

2 )It has occurred to me that I have been remiss in terms of sharing some special events:

a) On the way to Norwalk on 7/20, Into the Mystic sighted 2 Dolphins and took some great photos which I hope they will share

b) In Old Saybrook , we went to the Saybrook Inn for dinner where they had a 2 piece music ensemble which was terrific. They played everything from 70's music to today, and Reggae.

c) In Stonington we went to Skipper's Deck where we heard the music of the Cougars, a two piece group that took requests (I requested Billy Joel and would have thought that he was there in person), as well as many other fine tunes requested by others.

d) In Mattituck, the pool was great, and all crew members of all the boats went for a swim. Also, there was a beach volleyball court and Jake & Michael played during our great BBQ.

I am sad to say but Michael will be leaving Blast tomorrow to return home with his Mom who will pick him up once she arrives on the Ferry from Bridgeport. He has been a great asset to our trip.

This is the longest and best trip we have had on Leeds the Way.  Thank you all for your support and kind emails.  I will update you next from the Huntington Yacht Club. Our final Port of Call!

Marcia Leeds

HYC Fleet Captain

August 2 (Day 14)

Hi all,

Leeds the Way arrived at the Huntington Yacht Club around 2pm. The trip was longer than hoped for due to the tides and the wind on our nose. We had to motorsail the whole way, as the wind was in the totally wrong direction.  However, the skies were blue, and the weather just beautiful.

Northstar passed us at around noon. They had a rough go from Mattituck where they had choppy seas. All calmed down for them once they passed Port Jeff which was where we began.  Blast left later today from Port Jeff, so arrived a little later in the day.

When Leeds the Way arrived, some friends came by on a runabout to take us to lunch in Northport. We saw Into the Mystic and said high. Messing About was due to arrive soon. We had a wonderful lunch at a new restaurant called Rocking Fish on Main Street. I highly recommend it, and if you like Oyster Shooters, they are not to be missed. As we left Seymour's dock we saw Sunrise in the Centerport mooring field. They return to HYC tomorrow after a 3 week journey. Captain Ken told us a great story a few days ago. He went on his first cruise as a Harlem member only a few years ago to learn about cruising. He learned so much that now he and first mate Camille travel all over the place.Kudos to Sunrise and a fond farewell and safe journey home to HYC.

Cameo left Port Jeff this morning heading to Cold Spring Harbor. They too plan to return to HYC tomorrow. Safe journey to you as well.

This evening some long time friends from LI who recently joined Huntington YC when they bought a new boat last month came to have dinner with us, and show us their new lady. She is a beautiful Jeanneu 39. We had a fabulous evening with very old friends.

OK, so now about tomorrow. We have 11 boats confirmed and 25 for dinner. This may be an HYC record! Please know that if you wish to come by car, that is an option as well. You would just need to let me know so I can add the seats in the dining room.

Tomorrow evening will be my final Captain's Log for this excursion. Stay tuned for tidbits of our Grand Finale!

All my Best,

Marcia Leeds

HYC Fleet Captain 

August 3 (Day 15)

Ahoy Harlem Maties,

Well, this will be my last write-up of the 2013 Cruise. What started off as a gloomy day, turned out to be a spectacular gorgeous sunshiny afternoon.

Leeds the Way had breakfast down below as the raindrops fell outside all morning. After breakfast, we swabbed the deck to get ready for the big party. Friends who live near by came to visit and have lunch, so off to town we went for Mexican food @ Pancho Villas. The sun came out about 2:30pm and the pool came alive. Tively II was lounging by the pool. Blast & Present tense frolicked in the pool. Steve & Noah had swimming races. Grandpa Ernie played catch with all his boys.

Then it was time for the cocktail party on Leeds the Way. We rocked on the dock to Steel Drum music. The food was plentiful, as were the liquid refresments. Then off to the Huntington Yacht Club dining room for dinner. We were 23 HYCers including Commodore Steve & Commodorable Rowena who came by car to be with the Cruisers. A great time was had by all!  The following boats attended our gala evening: Blast, Grace, Into the Mystic, Leeds the Way, Messing About, Nepenthe, Northstar, Present Tense, Tively II.

I want to personally thank the Port Captains for their wonderful help in submitting their reports (Bruce Lages, Mark Leeds, Dan McElwerth,George McGovern Ernie Odierna, Vince Pirone, Ev Schneider), and to Ken Rossner for all the maps. Their combined efforts made our guidebook possible. Any Harlem member who wants a copy can email me.

This morning as I write, the sun is shining once again, which will make for a pleasant trip home to our beloved Harlem Yacht Club. Thank you all who took the time to read my logs, and for all of your wonderful emails. It has been my honor to serve as your Fleet Captain for this voyage.

Happy Boating to all,

Marcia Leeds

HYC Fleet Captain

August 4 (Epilogue)

Ahoy one last time,

Ok so I lied! I could not let this day go by without telling you the best of the best.

So here goes. All left Huntington this morning. Leeds the Way stayed behind until all of our vessels had shoved off. We needed a pump out so had to wait for the pump out boat. We are talking two weeks worth, so you know we needed to cleanse ourselves.  Sorry I got off track for the moment!

Leeds the Way left Huntington around 11am. At first we thought the Wind gods had blessed us, but when we shut the motor off, our speed steadily dropped from 6.5 to about 3.5. Captain Mark would not tolerate that so the motor suddenly came back on while the Admiral was below (that's me). I never gave the order for that, but mutiny was amidst. Truth be told you can't hire good crew these days.  Meanwhile Messing About un-benownst to us headed North West like a good captain should, to the Greenwich coast since the winds were predicted in that direction. Son of a gun, they got to sail the whole way home.

So... we finally get back to HYC neck in neck with Messing About. They under sail, us by motorsail. I'm like envying them, but Mark tells me no one will ever know that they really beat us.

Ok, now is the kicker, as I previously shared today is our 39th Anniversary, but get this, it is the 29th Anniversary for Vic & Rick on the same day( Messing About) . How ironic is that!  We get to the club and Rick presents us with a bottle of wine for our anniversary. So I say, let's share the spirits for our joint anniversary which we did with the Tylers.  Remember Messing About is the boat that out smarted the Fleet Captain. How shameful is that!!

If that is not enough our youngest daughter comes from Manhattan to the Bronx to have dinner with her RENTS(short for parents as she tells us). It was a great way to spend our Anniversary with our Harlem buds, and then our daughter.

Just thought you might get an extra kick out of today's fun. I am working on a rendezvous for the Labor Day weekend. Please stay tuned for details.

Sea you on the water,


HYC Fleet Captain